The New Reality

Organizations are being asked to accomplish more with limited or no additional funding. At the same time, information and technology sharing between agencies and organizations is expanding, driven by enhanced emergency planning, risk mitigation, increased security, and interoperability.

Simply replacing existing systems with something new is not enough. Agencies need to leverage systems to enhance information sharing and provide greater end user functionality. Understanding internal operations and partner interaction is key to defining system requirements, to get the most return on investment (ROI) from new systems.

Getting The Right Solution

How Consultants Can Help

How you operate is as important as  technology for new systems.

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Personal Emergency Plans

How WillowFalls Can Help

WillowFalls Consulting provides a variety of services to help clients assess their communications and security capabilities, define requirements, modify or create new  SOPs, as well as plan upgrades or replacement of existing systems. Evaluating options and alternatives before making changes or procuring a new solution, helps clients reach informed decisions about the features and functionality they need.
WillowFalls works for the client, providing vendor neutral information, advice and recommendations. Through ongoing research, training and equipment evaluation, WillowFalls maintains the knowledge, skills and industry awareness to help clients define requirements and potential solutions. 

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Personal Emergency Plan

You cannot focus on helping others if you are worried about your own family. Build a personal emergency plan and practice it!

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